As we all know Engineering Projects can be very big and lengthy and hard to manage, its better if we can apply management principals to engineering projects to make it more efficient and structured. In other words, we can say that Management of Engineering side of a project is termed as Management engineering or Engineering Management. Management Engineering is comparatively a new field of Education combining two of very good employable skills.


Why Engineers should pursue engineering management

It’s an very useful skill as engineers who are generally considered as technical problem solvers and play their role limited to cost estimation, quality assurance, adjustments Or forecasting etc. Engineers with addition of engineering management to their skill set, can take better control of complete project.


Is Engineering Management a right fit for you

If you are an engineer with ambition to manage complete projects and want to reach your ambition faster then yes Engineering management OR Management Engineering can be a good Skill set to have. This Additional Skill set not only help you to grow faster but also to understand issues better related to projects and work management.

You can also pursue Management Engineering if you are interested in having an alternative to engineering master’s degree Or want to pursue technological entrepreneurship.


What is the essential skill set to Management Engineering?

  1. Planning Skills

  2. Problem Solving Skills

  3. Team Building Skills

  4. Communication Skills

  5. Delegation of work Skills

  6. Negotiations skills

  7. Work Life Balance Skills

Engineering management is a sought-after course outside India but now some of Indian Colleges are also offering Engineering management courses and Indian students can easily take benefit of these courses to get ahead of competition and rise the management hierarchy much faster.

For PG Management Engineering courses, most reputed Colleges will ask for an engineering degree and a valid TOFEL/ IELTS Score.

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