Today’s career choices have blown up to a certain extent, One can think any field of interest and find a clear career path in that field, however whatever field you choose will involve a “Product”.

Product Management & Product Marketing With growing technology usage and ever evolving tech in every field, its vital that before “Going to Market” a product should be designed with caution and mindfulness as not only to cater present needs but also have flexibility to evolve further with agility to suit customer’s changing requirement, and that’s exactly career in Product management & Product marketing management is gaining importance day by day.

Before we investigate various job opportunities in Product Management and Product Marketing Management, lets see what the difference between Product Management and Product Marketing Management is.

Product Manager is basically a person who takes care of overall development of a product be it software, OR Consumer goods, OR business technology etc. whereas. Product Marketing Manager work on GTM (Go to Market) activities of the products.

Product management can be an incredibly attractive field for a creative mind who wants to play a role in Development of products. There are ample opportunities in Product management field. Product managers (PM) as they call them, start their career by working on one part of a product development plan, and gradually they move up the ladder by managing larger and larger share of product development. Depending on the performance of a PM, they reach to the top as VP/Sr. VP of Product management.

Product Marketer works in tandem with Product Managers in an organisation and there can be two models.

  • They act on behalf of user and then communicates the differentiated value proposition to product teams to develop products.
  • In second model product marketing manager is responsible for devising communication and market strategy for product but doesn’t take a active part in informing the product strategy.

Product management and Product marketing management converge in many ways and the key differentiators are that Product managers works on create and define new products whereas the Product marketing manager works on getting these products to market and working closely with client facing teams to design optimum communications.
As a career path product marketer grows towards the position of “Chief Marketing officer”.

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