Employment is key focus for most students while pursuing their higher studies. Almost every professional degree’s have an unsaid promise of Employability. Students choose their colleges based on placements records of the college. As we understand that placement is especially important part of student’s Journey and we hear words like Campus Placements and Off Campus Placement often. So, you may be wondering what these terms are and which is better or Worse than other.

Let’s Understand the terms Campus placement and off campus placements.

Campus placement is indicative of Companies/Employer’s representatives visiting colleges to select suitable candidates for their Organization. Campus placement is mostly considered as barometer of and education institutes success. Institutes also look forward and spread good word about their campus placements and recruitment drives.

Off campus Placement is a Student/Candidate Driven Activity in which candidate go from company to company in search for right job for himself.

Matter of Choice: There are pros and cons associated with both type of placements as Campus placements offers comfort of known arena and flexibility to choose from visiting companies and job roles available with them. Whereas Off campus placement is a choice to challenge candidates’ dedication to his/her trade and craft. because in off campus placements one must compete with a larger group, and it is tough to even get an interview call. But at the same time Off campus offer a great deal of choice in comparison of campus placements, as in campus placement a candidate can only appear for companies which are visiting college campus for recruitments that too with Job-roles on offer, but in Off campus drives candidates have flexibility to choose their own turf, meaning they can choose which company they want to apply for and which roles they want to take.

Tougher to crack: Off campus interviews are tougher in comparison of Campus Placement, as it has wide range of competition where in Campus placements student must compete with their fellow students which is obviously lesser in comparison of earlier. In some of off campus drives companies opens the recruitment for experience candidates as well which make is even harder for Students to crack.

Compensation Packages: Most Off campuses are equivalent to campus placements in terms of compensations. As Recruiters hires for skills and most of the time, they would have fixed compensation on offer except for extremely talented candidates. An extremely talented candidate will get way to high offers in Off campus drives in comparison of Campus recruitment. In Campus Recruitment compensation gets decided because of reputation of college, past performance of college candidates etc. but an incredibly talented candidate can fetch a better compensation during a off campus recruitment drive.

Resources Intensiveness: Off campus job search and Placements are way to demanding in terms of resources as it will require candidate to search/visit/ prepare and appear (if accepted as candidate) for numerous times until they get a proper job offer. Where in Campus placements all the legworks will get done by college’s campus placement committees/department. In most cases off campus drives are tiring and cumbersome process.

It is evident that Campus Placement have its own comforting way of job search where chance to face an interview is almost certain at the same time have some disadvantages for Incredibly talented students. Off campus is tougher but explorative way to find one’s dream job.

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