People who want to go up in corporate ladder or want to pursue managerial career often look for pursuing a management course after graduation. Dilemma starts when they see two prime courses on offer PGDM & MBA. And then comparison starts about both courses. PGP/PGDM Or MBA both are Management courses aimed to provide a person, skills to manage businesses and both are commercially oriented courses. Lets check out which of these two suits you.

Diploma OR Degree: Both courses have their own merits, to start With Post Graduate Program (PGP) OR Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a diploma offered by an Institute after completion of their management training/learning program, whereas Master’s in Business Administration is an Degree offered by an recognised State or National University.

Return on Investments: term PGP or PGDM gained popularity as most prestigious management institutes in India like IIM’s, XLRI, etc offers PGP as their programs, and students of these programs have shown their grit & Achieved great things in corporate world. Packages offered to PGP students of courses offered by Top Management Institutes have proved that these programs are extremely good and Investment on these programs can change person’s career journey for the better. Certain University’s MBA programs have also performed comparatively to any TOP PGP program, but this doesn’t mean that PGP is always better, basically it all boils down to repute of Institute, Course curriculum & person’s learning ability, which decides about ROI.

Syllabus and Learning Techniques: As MBA is offered by University or Central body, changes in Curriculum are not that easy and swift, whereas PGP which is run by autonomous bodies courses can be changed very easily, and to suit requirements of the market/industry. People who are looking at skill enhancements are more suited to PGP. Whereas MBA can be a good choice for people who wants to look MBA degree as eligibility criterion However now Government has passed act to allow IIM’s to issue degrees.

Chances of Fraud: as PGP programs from reputed Institutes has a great rapport thus several other institutes have come up with similar program names. Chances of getting duped of fee, in such institute are extremely high. People before taking admission should check carefully about history of Institute, repute of institute & Alumni Feedback about institute which will help them in taking right decision.

Entrance: PGP Courses in IIM’s or other highly reputed institute is very tough to get into and admissions happens through, CAT which is one of the most tough exams to crack. Whereas MBA admissions happened through University conducted Entrance Exams in which level of exam varies in case-to-case basis. Some universities/ Institutes conduct their own Entrance exams and accepts Admissions through Competitive exams too.

In a nutshell, we can say that MBA OR PGP/PGDM courses success is dependant on various factors and Institutes Reputation, Alumni Network, Course Quality and Faculty quality play a vital role in aspirants’ career thus both courses have similar outlook with few difference, one should always aim to get admitted into best institute they can.

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