Computers are everywhere now, and are part of our daily lives, almost every aspect of life is now supported by computers, and more so after advent of handheld mobile devices like mobiles phones & tablets. Which like holding a minicomputer in our hand. As evolution of mobile devices progressing two operating system Android & IOS emerges as most used operating systems for mobile devices. As we all are aware that engineering is an exceedingly popular study stream, computer science became favourite choice for engineering students as study stream. Naturally, choice between Android and IOS studies, among students of engineering programs.

Let dig out what’s tougher Android or IOS Development.

  • Languages Requirement: For android development used languages are JAVA. For IOS development Swift is Used, if you choose on the basis of Languages then People Which are comfortable with Java, would find Android Easier and People which are comfortable with Swift Or C++ would find IOS development Easier.
  • Preferences Rather than Easy OR tough: When it comes to learn, or Code It always depend on what is comfortable for learner as this is very subjective topic some people would find Java easier than C++ Or vis-versa. Similarly one need to find out what he/she is comfortable with before embarking upon learning journey.
  • Versions: It’s a well known fact that Android has far more versions than IOS, which makes it tougher to learn programming for android as you can focus on 1 version at a time. In IOS its much easier as it has less versions.
  • UI Design: Creating an UI design in IOS is much easier than Android as IOS has tool like “Story board”, in Android tools are there but Design with Storyboard is much easier. But at the same time if you are a person who find Android Studio a better tool that StoryBoard than you will find UI Design in Android easier.
  • System Requirements: Android programming runs on Java which a widespread language, thus making it easier to learn and develop programs for android, whereas IOS programming need MAC, which is a bit costlier to acquire, so starting up in IOS is a bit tougher as Android development works with Mac, Window Or Linux.
  • Testing: Testing is easier in IOS as there are less devices, Screen Sizes & IOS Versions in comparison of Android.

We can say that There are Trade-offs in both the programming. Languages but one can decide what suits himself/herself best.

I hope this helps.

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