In India, Approximately 15 lakh Students get their B.Tech / Engineering degree every year & all these student faces a major question i.e. How to choose Final Year Engineering project?

If you are B.Tech. Student then you will be facing this problem sooner or later, Let me try and help you decide on what will be the best fit for you as Final Year Engineering Project.

Before we jump onto the topic, we need to understand that Final year engineering study is especially important part in student life, apart from emotional challenge this year practically decide how and which direction your career will move. If you are preparing for higher education, then also this year gives you chance to chase your higher engineering degree or other courses and make yourself master of specific academic area.

Your selection of project for your important final year of engineering is quite important for all the above reason, so let us try to decode the enigma of Engineering project selection for final year engineering courses.

Guide to choose Final Year Projects.

  1. Search and Select your area of interest.

The first thing one should do is to find what make him/her happy to work upon, some may find specific coding language interesting or some may find hardware part of computer engineering interesting. Future Mechanical engineers may be interested in working of gears and would be civil engineers might want to build a super highway , all in all by finding out what topic attracts you to work upon, will help you stay focused and motivated from start to end of the project, secondly as this would be something of your interest you will feel elated while answering question of faculties in project viva.

  1. Team Selection

Now you have to find like minded and same interest people, the most common mistake engineering does is that they make team of close friends and start working on project whether all are like minded or not. This is good for team work as co-ordination would be better but people loose interested midway the project and then project gets completed only to get marks. And learning opportunity convert itself into disaster management crash course. so decide on team in which all the people are excided about project and committed to the cause.

  1. Project and Team Skill Compatibility.

Now If team is aligned then next task is to find skill sets of the team members and then find topics and subjects which is matching the skillset of the team. This help make the whole project making process easy. A compatible team will finish the job easily and fantastically without any hassle.

  1. Address a Problem & Provide Solution.

We hear every day that IIT students have made a super Battery Or a pollution control equipment etc. this happens because they are searching for a solution, Best Practice to choose a engineering final year project would be to search a problem and then provide a model solution to that problem through project. More widespread the problem more acceptability it will have and there are fare chances that student may find something useful for society, if student are working on a unsolved problem.

  1. Identify Resources at your disposal.

This is also particularly important as student must know what kind of resources are available to create and complete a successful project. Some students might choose a problem of Water Supply on Moon but is this project is going to complete without space agency support? But if someone chooses to create a model for water supply which will work in 1/6th of earth’s gravity,(which is gravity of moon) then this can be done in most engineering college labs.

  1. Discuss with mentor Thoroughly.

Last but not the least, every engineering college will have various teachers, and some teachers are immensely popular some would not be so popular, but don’t choose your mentor basis on popularity. Choose mentor who can help you in your project and guide you through it.

Mentors’ discussion gives project team a noticeably clear outlook about what to do and how to solve the problems during execution of project. Also they help you navigate through various engineering problems.

If someone keep above pointers In mind then he/she will definitely find it easy to choose the right engineering final year project.

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