There is tremendous boom in the technical education today, such as engineering course is highly in demand which is leading to the opening of several engineering colleges, thereafter more and more seats are available to pursue the course.

With the expansion of various industries and companies it has paved ways for more and more job opportunities for the aspirants. Engineering is an interdisciplinary course which has too many branches and many of them are still emerging. There is requirement for engineers in almost every industry today.

On the other hand one true fact is that with the immense increase in engineering colleges and seats, there are too many engineers those who are still unskilled and unemployed, but there is immense opportunities and scope for well trained and skilled engineers.

Mostly the engineers have to fulfill certain roles in their professional life that is to analyze what is the need for technology in particular area, they are required to create a prototype as the solution according to the need and the replication of the prototype for mass production.

The future of Engineering Education up to an extent lies in the hands of the engineering colleges, establishment of well- structured college is very necessary, a college plays a very important role in shaping the future of the student by providing him/her with various opportunities.  A good engineering college must provide all the facilities within the campus it should have a modern infrastructure and should be equipped with laboratory having all the latest instruments so that students get hands on experience.

Choosing the right college is very much important, one can look for various top engineering colleges in Greater Noida, having well equipped lab and modern infrastructure with experienced faculty.

It’s a true fact that huge number of the engineers in the market do not have the required skills and are unemployed but that doesn’t signifies that the future of engineering education is completely dark. Gone are the days when only coding was sufficient for the recruiters, now the corporate world requires engineers those who possess skills and have relevant job experience.

In order to become skilled and employable the students must take the outmost advantage of the opportunities and exposure being provided by the college, in order to upgrade your knowledge and skill today try to learn Python, artificial intelligence etc. which will make you marketable and valuable.

Companies have become too choosy today and it is very much essential that the students possess the right skills and besides theoretical they also have practical knowledge. Engineering is a vast course and has various branches which can be applied to so many fields including healthcare, IT companies, aerospace, hospitality, roads to many heavy machineries and many more.

The engineering education plays a very vital role, each year lacks of students pass out as engineers and work in different fields and industries and help in the development of the country, the engineering education today has the ability to bring about transformation and take the country to the next level, within the beginning of the college life students must make sure that at the end they prepare themselves for the corporate industry.

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