In today’s world when education has become multifaceted and variety of courses are available for students to choose from

Freedom of choice – Business students have multiple choices to choose their area of emphasis and also to choose specific sectors. For example if someone interested to learn forex markets and financial aspect of it then they may take, he/she can not only choose financial management as specialization but can also choose Forex Management as specialization. This improves their chances to land a job in their chosen field (Forex management in above case).

Learning Array- B-School curriculum has wide-variety of teaching methodologies, unlike traditional courses. They learn from case studies, group discussions, reflective summery submission and industry visits apart from classrooms teaching. Most B-schools have enriched libraries where their students have access to world class business information and study materials with learned and capable professors.

Career Movement- Business degree holder has wider and comparably swift command over his/her career then a non-business degree holder. Whether it is promotions or job opportunities a person with business degree can get a priority over someone who’s not a business degree holder. We have seen in several HR surveys that HR gives preference to Business degree holders while considering for promotions. Various campus placements trend also indicates that from start-ups to big corporate houses, recruitment groups have preferential treatments to business degree holders as they bring prior knowledge to the table on the role they are being interviewed for.

Potential to Make More Money– a business degree holder learns various aspect of business and with time his/her experience also make him expert in specified area of business or sometimes in many areas of business, this makes them valuable to companies as they can bring insight and right direction in decision making thus companies pay them a premium over other departments. It’s safe to say that a business degree is gateway to potentially more earnings.

Skills that counts- In any business scenario ability to take decision and execution capabilities, defines success or failures. A person with business degree carries required knowledge and tools to excel in both of above qualities (or suppose to). Business degree can be a indicator that people is pursuing excellence and interested to understand business decision making in depth. Skill to decide and execute are most coveted skills required in most business settings, thus it counts very highly while recruiting for jobs.

Overall we can say that a business degree from good B-school can make a difference for one’s career and growth. Focus should also be on learning essential business management qualities.

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