Engineering degrees opens up several career options, if you are also interested to know that what are the top career options available for fresh engineering graduates, please continue reading,

Engineering is one of the most popular career choices in India, Some students opt engineering as they feel as this is a secure field and employment rate is high, whereas some students have career goals related to engineering and focus on developing their careers in related fields, like automobile engineering, computer engineering, software engineering etc.

Apart from Degrees some good & reputed engineering colleges like IIT, Regional Engineering colleges, GLBITM, etc. also offer and ( + Integrated courses. If you are an engineering aspirant then thoughts might have crossed your mind about whether to choose courses or B. tech+ M. tech Integrated courses would be a better choice? Let’s try to understand about pros & cons of both Courses, so that you will be equipped enough to take right decision for yourself.

B.Tech is a four year course available with specialisation in specific engineering verticals, like Computer Science, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering etc.

Post students have an option to go for higher studies in engineering field to get deep knowledge in specific field of engineering. M. Tech provides opportunity to gather more knowledge and exposure in specific field of engineering which may give benefit of high-demand in R&D Sector, Expertise heavy industries, New Product development sectors,.

Whereas degree gives basic knowledge about specified field. And student can learn while they deploy their knowledge into guided product development and applied engineering branches.

To earn a Degree a person has to study for four years and after which if someone wants to get a Degree then he has to invest 2-3 years again in M.Tech, Best benefit to opt for M. Tech integrated courses is to save this addition time.

An integrated M.Tech takes around 5 Years compared to 6-7 years in case of pursuing degree through regular way.

If you want to really pursue M. Tech and getting into research Or deep knowledge fields then Integrated M. Tech is considerable choice, given the time saving involved and completing a masters without taking gap is another reason for which you can decide in Integrated M. Tech’s Favour.

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