Ethical Hacking is one of the most talk about & Exciting IT Profession. What’s better than get paid for
Breaking into systems designed to be “safe” the Mental Satisfaction it involves is immense. Secondly
It’s very challenging and rewarding career choice. Let’s dig deeper, so what actually Ethical hacking
Ethical Hacking is legally Breaking into computer systems to test the system security and vulnerability
towards cyber-attacks and Criminal Hackers. Ethical Hackers are also known as Cyber Security
Experts OR White Hats. Ad They work with organisation’s cyber security teams to comprehend Their
work and to improve Organisation’s Computer Engineering security framework.
Important Concepts of Ethical Hacking:
1. Always Keep yourself Legal: Which essentially means that Engineer / Ethical Hacker will
obtain proper approval from IT team of organisation in question before performing any
Security Assessment/Hacking trial.
2. Define The Scope: While obtaining approval an ethical hacker should also define scope of
his Security assessment. Ad This should be organisation’s approved boundaries.
3. Report And Vulnerability Found: Once Ethical hacker/ Security engineer or White Hat find
outs about any vulnerability in system its his duty to inform authorities as soon as possible. Ad
Should not communicate/ leak/ inform to anyone about the found vulnerabilities. They may
also suggest remedies for the issues found.
4. Data Sensitivity is prominent: Ad Ethical hacker must understand Data Sensitivity issues
associated with Hacking / Security engineering. Most Data Sensitive organisation get Non-
Disclosure Agreement signed before they give consent/ approval for Ethical Hacking Attempt.
Skills Needed to become Ethical Hacker:
1. Proficiency in Programming Languages: An ethical Hacker must have proficiency in
Programming languages as every white hats has to go through humongous amount of codes
to find a single loophole in system and to report it.
2. Knowledge Of Operating Systems: Ethical Hackers have to have knowledge of Various
operating systems like Windows, Mackintosh, Linux etc. for obvious reasons.
3. Knowledge in Scripting: Scripting knowledge is required to tackle host-based attacks. This
skill is a must have for professionals who are dealing in Network Based Hacking Attempts.
4. Computer Networking Knowledge: For Networking based attacks knowledge about various
Networking engineering aspect and Network Engineering is quite useful and it is a desirable
5. Database Understanding: Database understanding is another desirable and essential skill
which is required for becoming ethical hacker. Hacking Attacks mostly target databases and
understanding of software such as SQL is help to ethical hacking engineer understand about
various operations carried out in Database.
6. Search engines & server knowledge is also a skill required.
7. Ability to work with different hacking tools.
Ethical hacking is a exciting tool for organisations by which they ensure maximum security of their IT
systems. It is a very interesting but knowledge heavy field of computer engineering, as it requires lot
of knowledge of everything to understand hacking and mitigate the risk.

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