MS Stands for Masters in Science, and is very popular among B. tech graduates who are interested in Higher learning and deeper subject knowledge. Especially pursuing MS in USA or European countries have become a FAD. If you are also a Student who is planning to pursue MS degree, lets find out pros & Cons of it.


Knowledge perception: A MS degree signifies student’s academic capabilities & subject understanding. Generally, it can be assumed that a MS degree holder have better command over subject compared to and graduate degree holder, for example a (Computer Science) degree holder will be considered less knowledgeable in field of computer application compared to a candidate who is MS in Computer Application.

Deeper Understanding: An engineering student is supposed to understand subject matter and possible problem solving of various applications of subject. And at the same point an MS degree holder are expected to have a deep knowledge of subject matter as he/she would have gone into deeper insight of subject and explored application areas of subject matter in detail.

Higher Pay grade: Because of Knowledge and Deeper understanding of subject matter, MS degree holders can go deeper into solutioning of any problem and solve it. Hence, they are paid higher than graduates in start of the respective careers. Here Point needs to be noted is that someone has to pursue his/her MS from a institute of repute to enjoy these benefits. Higher pay Grade for MS degree holders also given as they get hired for more intense developmental work like R&D of a new computer language OR in a new field of studies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, rather than regular software development jobs for which talent pool is readily available.

Joys of challenging yourself: Generally speaking, if you love to challenge yourself than a MS degree present a great opportunity for you. You will not be confined with textbook anymore and can explore subject more freely. Your projects can be more fulfilling mentally to you if you enjoy the process.


Tougher To get: As you would have understand by now that An MS degree from an reputed institute will make you work real hard. Also note that getting selected into an MS program from a good institute is also a big task. Whether it in in IIT’s or World renowned MS programs like MIT OR yale, Getting admission is always as difficult as pursuing it.

Financial viability: MS degree cost dearly, in most cases it is an costly affair. Managing finances for Tuition fees, Lodging and Boarding, Books and other expenses for two years of MS degree is expensive if you compare it with an person earning post his/her degree, Yes off course MS paid higher but it will take some time and efforts to cover your expenses for an MS and we also need to consider opportunity loss compared to if you have considered JOB instead of MS.

If you are an average student with no deep interest in Deep learning of subject than MS is not that great a choice for you but if you really want to make it big in upcoming technologies and have a great understanding of subjects or willing to work hard for greater reward you can consider MS from an Institute of Repute.


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