Master of business administration (MBA) has always been the top master’s choice for majority of students, with the immense popularity the competition for getting into top management colleges is getting tougher day by day. Each and every year lacks of students appear for the various national level MBA entrance exams. There are many best MBA colleges located in Greater Noida, offering various top ranked management programs like marketing, finance, human resource (HR) and information technology (IT) in MBA.


MBA is in demand a lot because it provides better career growth and opportunities, helps to develop various skills including (leadership, business, management, interpersonal) skills, helps in personality development, and an MBA degree is recognized worldwide.


Students according to their area of interest pursue MBA in various streams, some of the top ranked MBA programs are-


  1. MBA in FINANCE- It is one of the oldest and the most popular MBA program amongst the students. A student needs to quip himself/herself with some good skills in economics and mathematics a strong command in both the subjects is required throughout the two years of your MBA program.  Today most of the top companies require highly experienced and qualified business professionals with in-depth knowledge of finance and business. The degree in finance is highly rewarding it can land you in some of the highest paying job positions across the globe. With the help of this degree the students can become- Finance manager, investment banker, CFO, management consultant Etc.


  1. MBA in MARKETING- It is the most popular program after finance, the field of marketing majorly consists of various business functions such as- sales, advertising, communication and public relations. The professionals working in the marketing department ensure that whether the given projects are functioning smoothly or not, they mostly look after positions related to supply chain logistics, sales operations and product management. Some of the popular career in marketing are- advertising manager,  communications manager, public relations manager, sales manager Etc.


  1. MBA in HUMAN RESOURCE (HR)- The human resource manager is a very integral part of any organization. The human resource management basically deals with the issues related to human resource of a company like hiring, safety and satisfaction of the people, welfare of the employees and the development of the organization. The human resources is the inseparable part of any organization it is the driving force of the company and is responsible for the efficient functioning of the company. Human resource management guides the team to manage and function properly, it helps to organize the company and the employee performance is due to the effectiveness of the HR managers.


  1. MBA in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY- With the advent increase in the technology, the field of Information management is extremely fascinating for the students who are tech savvy the field is new and there are various colleges in India offering this course as full-time. The curriculum of the course mostly focuses on Computer applications, database management system, software engineering, web designing, data mining, Data warehousing, security and control information system, multimedia designing, networking management and security network. With the help of this degree you will gain mix of both the management and technical knowledge. This degree will help you take the lead in the corporate world you can take up various top positions such as CTO’s (Chief technology officer), and IT managers or IT directors. You can mostly work as an IT manager, Information security manager, computer science project manager and a lot more.
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