MCA is a two year full-fledged post graduate program in the field of computer applications. MCA stands for Master of computer applications. The MCA entrance exam is conducted at the national level also known as (AIMCET) for getting into various top colleges across India.

The All India MCA entrance exam (AIMCET) comprises questions from-

General awareness, Mathematics, Computer awareness, logical reasoning and analytical ability.

You can even go for some of the best private MCA colleges in Greater Noida for pursuing masters in MCA which will provide you immense practical knowledge.

So here are few tips to keep in mind while preparing for your MCA entrance exam-

Always keep yourself aware with the pattern of the exam, know that into how many sections the question paper is divided and try to solve the paper on time equally.

If you are passionate about getting into top MCA college then your preparation must begin from the first year of the college itself without any delay it will help you to keep focus on your goal.

As the question paper is divided into three sections the first section of the paper is analytical ability you can practice various questions from the previous year mock papers and the more command you gain in solving such questions the more your mind will be sharpen.

The second section consists of the mathematics section for gaining command over this section one must take out time daily and practice as many questions as possible in order to boost up your speed and gain control over your mathematical skill.

The third section is all about testing your communication skills this section seems to be the easiest but can take your lots of time in the examination since there are so many minute grammatical mistakes which you can identify only if you have thoroughly practiced English grammar questions.

 If you feel like you need guidance for your preparation then you can always join the best coaching institute for MCA preparation they will teach you with keeping in mind the current trends of the examination, they will make you solve plenty of mock papers and will provide you trick and shortcuts when necessary.

Learn how to manage time it is the most important thing in the examination, most of the students seem to know everything but are not able to fully solve the question paper since due to poor time management they fail to solve the questions within the given time limit.

Besides preparation always take out time and do a little bit research about the top MCA colleges in which you would like to get admission check out its cut-off marks and plan accordingly.

Always be optimistic throughout your preparation you will feel negative but that’s your test you will have to maintain the consistency keeping your fear aside.

Create an organized study plan make a to-do list on daily basis and achieve your daily target without any failure.

Never give up, once you have started your journey be subtle on your path don’t leave it in the midway finish it up and achieve your goal.

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