Civil engineering is one of the oldest branch of engineering. Civil engineers shape the history of nations around the world. The civil engineers contribute a lot to the nation by maintaining the standard of living and safety of the people.

Civil engineers are basically the one who construct, design, operate and maintain large construction projects including high tech buildings, airports, metros, dams, tunnels etc.

The civil engineers work with the architects, contractors, city planners and landscape designers for various projects.

Top civil engineers have many job roles ranging from designer to project manager and problem solver.

Technology plays a very crucial role in their everyday work, and the top most civil engineers keep themselves up to date with the latest technologies and software.
But in order to become successful in civil engineering career one must possess certain skills such as-

• Technical skills- A good civil engineer should have a good command on subjects like Mathematics and Physics. He/ she should even have knowledge on certain software like AutoCAD, MS projects and MS office.

• Earning a bachelor’s degree- Always apply to colleges which have ABET approved engineering program, in order to become a civil engineer you need to have a bachelor’s degree.

• Analytical skills-Have a good analytical skill in order to survey and analyze reports, maps, diagrams etc.

• Communication skills- It is one of the most important skill to acquire so that you can effectively communicate with your managers and clients without any hesitation, the engineers need to communicate with full clarity so that there is no confusion.

• Critical thinking- The civil engineers face many hurdles and they need to be a good critical thinker in order to solve the problem efficiently they must even have the ability to solve the problems in a smart way.

• Leadership skills- The civil engineering profession requires to deal with people of diverse field like- architects, technical people, non-technical people, engineers, contractors, so they must possess a good leadership skill so that are able to take the lead and manage everything effectively.

• Creativity- The civil engineers should have a very creative mind since their work includes the construction of dams, bridges, airports etc. so that they can apply the engineering principles to develop solutions to various problems.

• Lookout for a good summer internship- When you are pursuing your graduation always try to find a good internship which will give you a deeper insights about your field and will provide you practical exposure and will help to build a strong portfolio.

• Project management- The civil engineers must have the skill to even complete the project within the given time frames and budget and must be able to meet the target before the given deadline.

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