Department of Mechanical Engineering at G L Bajaj has a fairly equipped automobile workshop with wide range of cut sections of various parts of an automobile, a BMW engine and working models of car parts. The Department is in the process of developing and modernizing the work shop to create a viable infrastructure with certain basic facilities including a modern MPFI car and some essential diagnostic equipment to train the aspiring students to learn and handle the complex mechanism of the cars and get in hand experience to diagnose, rectify and service the car the way it would be done in a standard workshop. It is proposed to introduce a separate course with a duration of at least twelve weeks to impart theoretical and “on the job “training to the students to acquire adequate skill to get placements in any modern workshop at working/supervisory/managerial levels.

As a prelude to this, The Department is organizing a three days students’ workshop to present an overview of the training module being compressed into the proposed twelve-week short course and has been able to avail professional and technical support from the following: –


• Advancement in Automobile Industry and the process adopted for the production of vehicles.

• Provide technical information on the working of a BMW third generation Petrol Engine, advanced technical features for ensuring fuel efficient and environmentally safe working of their engines

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