12th is approaching what should I do after it, OR What are the career choices I have after 12th OR What should suite me after 12th exams? Most students look answer for answers for these questions.

If you are also looking for answer for above questions, then read on, we will show you top 50 possibilities for you to choose from, as per your preferences. And If you are the one who have already chosen his/her career path still read on, you might get a more clear view on future of different courses .

In today’s competitive time it’s is highly important that one chooses his/her career path, competition in traditional field such as engineering and medicine is already sky high and new branches of study like ai & Data analytics has not shown their shine yet in terms of bulk employment thus confusion is already their, we will try to cover top 20 Career choices after someone completes their 12th.

To give you a complete Picture let me segregate this into few sectors first,

Government Sector:

1-Armed Forces: In armed forces you get a discipline training which will go with you for rest of your life. You get reputation which can make anyone jealous. Apart from a quality life full of adventure you also get handsome perks and compensations. A very popular way of getting into any of the 3 armed forces branches NAVY, AIR Force OR Army as an officer is through National Defence Academy examination, Details can be accessed through website of NDA and This Is one of the most prestigious competitive exams for entry into armed forces as an officer.

2-Indian Railways: if you are looking at a perfect work life balance and a steady career with security and routine of a regular government job then railways are the good way to lead the life your way. Union Public service commission Organizes Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA) examination every year for selecting and training of engineers in Indian railway. But in Year 2015 This exam has been stopped but similar type of entry doors are there for interested youths for getting into services of Indian railways.

-Engineering: One of the most popular route for students in India is pursuing engineering after 12th. Competitive Exams Like AIEEE, IIT-JEE has become roots of coaching industry in India. Having said that Engineering has given India a stand amongst world best technological advanced nations. We are Software Centre of the world now and will dominate this position in many years to come. After 12th One can sure look forward to join futuristic engineering courses like,

3- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Upcoming Field)

4- Computer Science (All Time Favourite)

5- Bioengineering (Can be pursued even if one has PCM only as subject in 12th)

6- Mechatronics

7- Robotics

8- Materials Science

9- Biochemical Engineering.

10- Mechanical Engineering

11- Civil Engineering

12- Chemical Engineering

13- Environmental Engineering

14- Energy

15- Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

If you have Physics Chemistry & Biology as your 12th subject the you have Medicinal career choices as best suited

Medicine and Pharma after class 12th (for Bio Students)

16- MBBS (Bachelor Of Medicine and Surgery)

17- BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

18- BHMS ( Bachelor Of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

19- BDS (Bachelor in Dental Sciences)

20- B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Diploma in Pharmaceutical sciences).

Information can be availed on these courses and how to take admission in them at several private and government websites.

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