If you are losing sleep over upcoming semester exam, and thinking how to be ready for semester exams then you are not alone. Most professional courses are designed to push your limits as a student and make you proficient enough to take on corporate /job life’s daily exams like a pro.

Be It MBA, OR Bachelor in Business Management or Engineering courses, one has to appear for exams for the subject they studied in that semester. Management or most professional Courses students have to prepare for these exams as their grades are very important.

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to manage time better to have a better prepared approach towards exams.

Write “A COMPLETE TO-DO”:- This may look like a very simple suggestion and literally not look like a trick but if you look closely most students will not write everything until 11th hour. Writing everything will give you a glimpse of “what is happening when” and a complete schedule of what to do will also help planning better.

PLAN in advance: Once you are done with writing all the supposed activities then now it’s time to plan extensively at once, do not plan in parts. One time plan can be tweaked later for any unforeseen change in situation or goal but idea of changing plan too often will ruin the whole effort and also make you waste precious time. While Planning one must

  • Plan in detail, Detail means a lot for planning, Every activity in your plan should have start to end clarity, For example you have scheduled your MBA Organisational Behaviour curriculum revision to be completed on a specific date but you don’t have notes on the topics by that date then it will be a hindrance for schedule in this case you should have note preparedness well before that revision date and this should be part of your plan.
  • Keep some contingency time in hand, so that even if you miss a scheduled task on any day then also you have some spare time to cover that part/task later without disturbing your planned schedule.
  • Plan your fun time as well and be stick to it. If you plan to take a 15 min break between study cycles then make sure you start your next study at exact time. also ensure you select your fun time as per your idea of fun just for example if you like to play cricket and a cricket. Match with your friends will demand a 3 hour engagement then you may want to play cricket once a week instead of spending daily 3 hours, which may certainly affect your studies.
  • Follow Through- It’s very important that you follow through everyday whatever was the part of your plan for the day. Even if you miss on any day then also you should complete the missed tasks next day OR as early as possible so that your schedule remains intact.

Execute: Above two points are extremely important but execution is utmost important, key to a good execution is completing task on daily basis and following through the syllabus while preparing for semester exam planning stage while start of the season.

All though it may look like a mammoth task but once you plan smartly and have enough balance between work and effective play, than completing daily scheduled task will not be a problem and play time will be more rewarding as it will not create guilt.

Process makes you proficient, create yours and win.

All The best.

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