Education’s goal is to facilitate someone’s personality in best way possible. College life provides an excellent opportunity in this regards, as college education helps someone acquire skills for employment and life.

Developing someone’s personality is not a one day job , person has to work diligently on all aspect of his/her personality, lets discuss about important pointers to development of a holistic personality,

Be Confidant but not Over Confidant: Understanding ones value and convey it strongly is very important. so person has to learn the art of being confidant he/she should know what they are talking about and should be open to learn new things in life but a false can be very harmful. So we need to avoid overconfident. Confidence gives a hike to self-motivation and train your brain to develop a sense that whatever happen you will be able to handle the situation.

Communicate Better: Good Communication is a proven method to have better interpersonal relationship which will in turn make your personality much praised and beautiful. Clear communication also help you get a solution out of most problems.

Perfection is not Everything: Looking for perfection is one thing but going mad about it and not appreciate the effect of other person is not a good choice especially when it comes to from a position of power. One can always keep people around himself motivated by praising the right work and communicating clearly on expectations. This one habit can earn you much respect from your colleagues, Subordinates, and Superiors alike.

Comparison IS Poison: Do not Compare your self with others, you have your own qualities, focus to improve them further. You have your own weaknesses your focus should be to keep reducing them. This method will help you to not to get affected by other activities and to grow in a much healthier way. so don’t take poison of comparison.

Stay Focused: Failures are part of success and failures give you very essential learning but at the same time failure might push you to rethink and lose focus which may result in diversion from the goal so Staying focused in failures is very important, to learn from failure and move ahead keeping sharp focus on goals.

First Impression Last Long : They say first impression is last impression, but in a sense you can improve on your impressions but yet it’s true that first impression lasts for a very long time. If we look closely for all meetings first contact is visual contact (even in case of Digitized Meetings) the way you look, the way you talk and the way you behave is part of having first impression so it becomes very clear that dressing properly and Confidently, Speak confidently and behaving properly helps you make that perfect first impression. The more you practice more you get these qualities as habit.

I hope Above pointers about personality development will help you.

Many thanks for reading.

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