Are you thinking of becoming an engineer, Or engineering is secondary but being successful is of utmost importance to you. If you are also taking this path which was followed by people like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and many more. Do you also want to become highly successful engineer? Let us try and understand what all qualities constitute a successful engineer.

Definitive Goals: Not only engineers but for any kind of success we require a definitive, known, and measurable goal. To become successful, defining goal is as important as oxygen to human life. Defining goal gives a point to pivot all inspiration from, finding ways to reach the goals becomes easy and as they say “A good start is half done”.

Commitment: To achieve something commitment is of utmost importance, Commitment is like root from which strength flows to every part of tree, commitment to study, commitment to complete things on time, commitment to success above enjoyment is extremely important. For becoming and engineer its especially important as it’s a core field which strengthens many sectors, also for the reason that hurdles are there to become a successful engineer but people with commitment can only achieve.

Introspect: It is the next very important aspect to understand to become successful is to be able to introspect. As we have set definitive goals and have commitment to what-ever it takes to reach those goals we must have ability to find out if we are on correct path or not. We should also keep a close eye on path itself, sometime due to several reasons path itself may change its meaning for an individual’s success, and a path correction may be required to proceed in right direction. Without ability to introspect person may not able to taste success despite having worked hard. For example to become an extremely successful engineer someone has decided to appear for a competition exam to take admission in one of the reputed engineering college. And syllabus of the competitive exam has changed in middle of year, in such case a person who will not introspect his/her path may have a bigger chance to not get what he could have achieved with a little Introspection.

Resilience: Ability to make confirmed and necessary steps towards success even after short failures is also very important, Lets Say if someone preparing for Engineering exams got poor marks in one of terms test of a particular subject then what would be the correct action for this incident. (A) He/she should stop preparing for Engineering entrance exams (B) he/she should prepare for the subject more diligently and try to score well in that subject. You are right right approach is to chose option (B) and Move ahead. But in real life only people who have enough resilience did not get distracted by failures and strive hard until they have achieved what they have set-out for.

Apart from these qualities it’s important that people should dedicate their energies and resources to achieve what they dream. Distracted people will get distractions, but successful people will achieves success with indifference towards distraction.

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