On 11th February 2019, our very first workshop on Developer Student Club was organised in college G.L. Bajaj Institute of technology and management by the students of computer science and engineering department (CSE) . The workshop was conducted for 2 hours and was held in auditorium of our college. In this workshop students from other colleges also took part.
Developer Student club is a program initiated by GOOGLE for University students like us to enhance their development skills, so as to enhance and implement there technical skill for future. The aim of this workshop is  to provide a clear view for the students on the related  implementation of various technical languages. The inauguration of our workshop was done by our honorable Director sir Dr. Rajeev Agrawal and our honorable Head of department Dr. A.L N. RAO The inauguration ceremony was  followed by some words of wisdom by our honorable Director sir , which boosted the zeal among the students present there.
Our workshop was conducted on the topic GIT and GIT HUB , practical learning and implementation of this language was conducted among the students. The main presentation of this workshop was given by students of Third year computer science department , Kunal Mudgal, Ashutosh Pandey, Sandeep Dhaka & Mukul Kumar. While the other members of DSC Club engaged in other management activities of this workshop.
Total of 170 students participated in this workshop and thus our session lasted for good 2 hours . The session was really interactive between the team and the students attending the workshop.
As per the very first workshop this was a very positive and and a knowledge gaining experience for all the students and the team members , with the full support of our teachers and our head of department all of this would not have been possible, therefore we look forward to conduct many more such workshops in college as a chance to learn and teach students about various technical languages.
Developer Student Club        

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