Education is a weapon today in the present scenario, it is a process by which we gain skills and knowledge through the medium of instruction. Education is not only about reading and writing a person can use education as their own advantage and can utilize it for their individual growth.

One can acquire various skills from different fields with the help of education. Basically, there are two types of education- formal and the informal.

We can say that classroom education is a type of formal education they have a well-structured curriculum like whatever knowledge we get from a school and colleges can be an example of formal education. Whereas the knowledge which we gain through our personal experiences and without any curriculum and creates a positive impact on us is said to be informal education.

The basic education in which we get from school later on for further studies students join various colleges to gain in-depth knowledge about their course. Education is the key to success one must always opt for good schools and colleges because the base of the student will be strong.

Education is extremely important for each and every individual it helps them to become independent, explore new things and grow professionally and it even contributes to the countries economically.

There are various reasons as to why people need education. The foremost reason is that humans need to be cautious and aware of things that affect their daily life. It is important for the people to know about what is happening in the present society so that they can plan according to their future and can have the ability to solve problems.

People today have the option to choose the kind of education they want according to their interests as people can study to become doctors, engineers, government jobs, lecturers, scientists etc.

There is a direct link between education and communication both are directly proportional, education encourages communication the need to educate others is will lead to the development of languages. Without languages in any form, education could never be achieved. Thus began the human journey towards developing communication, tools and written languages.

Nowadays due to advancement in modern technologies, it is much more important to gain the education in order to learn about new technologies so that we can use it properly and can avail all the facilities that the technology provides. A good education teaches us humanity it helps us to mature and develop into good and responsible human beings thus leading to the global development of the country.

Education should not be gender biased, education and opportunities should be equally given to both male and female so that equally all of them can contribute to the development of the society.

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