Master in computer applications (MCA) is one if the hottest course currently and with the increase use of computer and internet more and more students are aiming to pursue this post graduate program.

There is rapid growth in the field of IT industry demanding skilled professionals, after obtaining your post graduate degree in MCA one can easily get good fresher jobs in the private as well as in the government sector on the other hand if you are very much skilled and highly experienced then you may be offered higher position with handsome salary.

There are many top MCA colleges in Greater Noida offering this two years post graduate program.

Now many of the students are in dilemma about what are the career opportunities and kinds of job positions available in the market presently so here are a list of career mentioned which one can pursue after completing their masters in computer application.

  • APP DEVELOPER- Today majority of people rely on apps for various purposes, which creates abundant of opportunities for the app developers in the business market. Most of the operating system like iOS and android have different apps which is designed by the app developers.
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPER- Now they are the ones who are responsible for designing, testing and installing the software systems. They work on the demand of the clients the kind of software they need with various specifications so it is their duty to deliver the software products to the customers.
  • ETHICAL HACKER- These hackers do not come in the category of dangerous hackers, they do not cause any harm it’s just they are a bunch of experts who can access the system on behalf of its owner to check any vulnerabilities or loophole in a system which can be attacked by the hackers in future resulting in leakage of personal information.
  • TECHNICAL WRITERS- They are a bunch of people who are responsible for writing for product descriptions, manuals, user guides etc. They play a very crucial role in presenting the documentation work about their company, if you are extremely passionate about writing and have a good blend of technology and creative writing then you can become a good technical writers.
  • HARDWARE ENGINEER- These engineers love to work with the computer hardware such as computer chips, printers, routers, keyboards, mouse, circuit boards etc. They take up various challenges for testing and installing the systems to make sure that the internet works smoothly.
  • DATABASE ENGINEER- They are basically hired by computer systems companies so that they can design and monitor complex databases. Their major role is to ensure the validity, operation and how relevant the data is.

So these were some of the top career options available after master in computer applications.

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